Write something worth reading or Do something worth writing about
-Abraham Linclon-

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Ok for Real, Reals this time. On the Reals

WHAT THE FACK!!!!! That's how my life has been lately.... a country song screwed and chopped skipping back, front and side to side with a trap remix.....

Wooosa-la chingada!!! It's all gravy baby. The struggle is real but so is god. I'm back for reals this time and for better or worse I'm not holding back any more. Immortal Technique said it: "This is the Point of No Return"

So stay tune my rasa(people) and keep me in your prayers because I have a feeling I'm about to do something really genius or really stupid. Either way, I'm sure it's going to be a... fun ride.

Much Love


Friday, May 25, 2018

I'm Back! For Reals This Time! PINKY SWEAR!

So were have I been? Well it's a kind of a long story.

I got lost in the quick sand of everyday normality and tried to give up comedy, entertainment, everything but the spirit refused to let me give up that easily. Now I'M BACK!

Hmm.... Maybe it's not such a long story...

What's new? I fell in love with a French Cassian Cuban Black Women that's also a teacher but it ended before it started. I was lost in my heart which may have reflected as head sprung. I tried to tell her. She's special, different and she's not a hoe. I guess now that I think about it, maybe I should have choose my words more carefully.

I was in love even though I had just met her. And it wasn't because of her body despite sexy; It wasn't what attracted my heart to her. I fell in love with her mind. She's smart, fun, open minded, a free spirit yet still so vulnerable and dark in her thoughts; Even though I have never seen her perform; I know she's a great artist. I even quoted "Will Smith" from his movie Hitch. I think... You wanna know something funny. I just found out today that Will Smith is getting a divorce in real life. #Fack. No wonder it didn't get past a week an a half.

Gonna have to chalk this up to experience. Either way that night that creative giant woke up. I finally get it. The ends justifies the means.

What else, I'm no longer a full time performer. I now have a real day job that pays me pretty good but for some reason I'm in more debt than I have ever been. I'm not completely sure how I dug myself this deep but  I have always been good at digging myself out. Also, I got my mind back along with a pansa (belly), some extra weight and additional emotional scaring. It's going to be fun getting out of this hole. I just realized that bad luck is just unfiltered good luck. I was just looking at it wrong. Hey even superman has had bad days.

On the bright side I've been writing it all down, so ladies and vatos I have some stories for ya and I invite you to join me in journey to taking over the world again.... one stage at a time......

Are ya ready for Jerrylicious 3.0

I rep for my city, I do it for my rasa

Sunday, April 30, 2017


RASA!  Life, like we all know gets crazy sometimes. Well I been running in squares which has been an interesting learning experience. I'm BACK but on the down low prepping to TOUCH THE WORLD. Stay Tune Rasa cause we come back it's going to be a BANG!!

I rep for my city, I do it for my rasa

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

I'M BACK... For real for reals this time

A lot has happened in the past few months. Ups and downs like the norm but this time I was hit by the chancla of destiny.

After the painful Ca-Pow smack from the chancla passed. I felt the mark it left on my face. It was the "El Nopal en la Frente" (Cactus on the forehead) mark.  I knew then.... 

MY TIME HAS COME.....So stay tuned.... Jerrylicious is coming out from the underground with a whole lot of shine.....

I rep for my city, I do it for my rasa

Friday, January 1, 2016

New pain NEW JOKES same good ole time

JANUARY 28TH Houston Improv

I'm back rasa with a crutch literally; I mean a cane recently had surgery but that isn't stopping favorite Chicano from H-Town back with a NEW VIEW on Dysfunction....I rep for my city I do it for my rasa

For tickets 832.207.4921..... Show so good if you don't have a good time I will give you your money back.... Yes I said it..... Guaranteed a good time Jerrylicious approved

Taking over the world one stage at a time

Sunday, November 1, 2015

I'm performing with one of the Latin Kings of Comedy

Here's a chance to win a free VIP table with a bottle  rasa & ALL YOU NEED is to buy a ticket........But wait there's more........Halloween SPECIAL $12 tickets ARE NOW 2 for $15...... special ends Monday.....Join me as I rock the stage with a comedy legend Joey Medina and some Houston Favorites like Eddie B, Boogie and Greg Lottie ..... I rep for my city I do it for my rasa 832.207.4921or pay online: https://tickets.clubworld360.com/affiliate/Elk-Live/event/Joey-Medina
After Monday tickets will be $12 or 2 for $20 presale...... At the door $12 each......
VIP Tickets still available $25 each...... Guarantees a reserved seat and a meet and greet with Latin King of Comedy Joey Medina before the show...